Do You Operate Under the Law of Love?

We are a “law unto ourselves”, however we are, additionally, God’s kids. Along these lines, we are the Law of Love. Cellino Law

Sometimes,though, anyway accidentally, we make up our own laws. Then, at that point, whenever we’ve made them up, we feel like we need to live with them. A portion of the laws we’ve made up are the “law” of disease, the “law” of destitution, the “law” of depression,

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the “law” of anguish, and so forth Check out your life at the laws you have made for yourself.

*** I am not discussing laws and rules society has spread out for us. Kindly get that. I’m discussing the laws we make for ourselves, the laws that oversee our activities and responses. ***

Presently, return to the one law that sticks. The Law of Love. On the off chance that you have, and comply with, the Law of Love, how does that deal with your “law” of ailment? Where is the adoration in that? The “law” of neediness? The “law” of depression? The “law” of torment? Take a gander at every law you have made for yourself, and see where the Law of Love finds a way into it. It doesn’t, isn’t that right? At the point when we make our own laws, we are dismissing the Law of Love, and that is all there truly is.

One approach to know whether it is a genuine law of God, is to take a gander at the actual law. Does it have control over us, or does it give us power through affection? On the off chance that we put stock in the laws that have control over us, (laws that WE have made and maintain), we block the recuperating energy of the Angels.

For instance, in the event that we fear something, we have set up a law requesting that we dread that thing, in this way rebuffing us by the very law we designed. Where is the Law of Love there?

Take a gander at your opinion. Do you figure, “I can’t do this, since, supposing that I do, this will occur.” Go back to God’s law – the Law of Love. Let that help you settle on that choice in a superior light.

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